Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Last day of school!

Its hard to believe that today is the last day of school for Jacob and Joshua.. Can it be that my boys are going into 1st and 3rd grade. Where have my sweet babies gone! This year has been very bitter sweet for me. The reason I wanted to be a stay at home Mom was so I could be a part of my kids lives and be around when they needed me. I have to say I have felt like quite the failure in this department this year.

Sweet Joseph is in 7 therapies in 5 days so it leaves me little free time. So I have missed pretty much every field trip, their friends birthday parties and other activities. This is the first year I am not close to any of the moms in their classes. I feel like the outsider looking in at times when I go to functions. This has honestly been the hardest year so far for me, but I would not change it for anything. Jacob and Joshua are the most understanding kids. They don't make me feel bad if I can't make something. They say "Mom Joseph needs his therapies" God has shown me so much Grace through my kids this year. They are growing into these amazing little men that I love with all my heart. They know when I need a hug or sometimes Jacob just sits and leans in next to me, he knows when I need that..

As hard as this year has been its also been blessed. Jacob and Joshua are amazing students and have done so well this year. Joseph with all his therapies is growing in leaps and bounds.  I am blessed by my sweet family who love me even after I lose my cool, or burn their dinner. I know God is doing amazing things in our lives and is working on some things that I am struggling with, but in all this I stand in Faith!


May 11, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday sweet Ella. You are my girl and I love you so much. I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. I love having you as my partner in crime to shop with get our nails done together and to do girlie things together. You are our little princess... I love you to the moon and back!xxoo

May 8 2006

Happy 7th Birthday to the sweetest boy I know! Joshua you are so funny and have the softest heart even though you like to act tough;) Thank you for giving me those hugs when you know I need them and quoting scriptures when I am struggling with something. God is going to use you to do amazing things. I love you with all my heart . Xxoo Love you to the moon and back!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6th 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Joseph. I can not even begin to tell you how much I Love You. You are such an amazing boy and I am in awe of you daily. You have worked so hard this last year, not many people could do 7 therapies in 5 days, but you... did it and do it each week and I am so proud of you. You have come so far these last 2 years. Sweet boy I promise you I will continue to advocate for you till the day I die and I promise to be the best Mom to you. Some people label you a special needs child, but in my eyes you are just what I needed:) I love you to the moon and back..XXOO