Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Going Fast

The summer is just flying by... Now that all the kiddos birthdays are over it just seems like the days are going fast.. Jacob and Joshua have been taking swim lessons and have become little fish.. Joshua would not put his head in the water the 1st class and now the sweet little thing has his goggles on and is ready to go. That's all the boys want to do now is swim. I have to admit I am already a little water logged:)

Ella is starting to walk, she takes a few steps then claps with delight.. she is so proud of herself and so are we. She is a little kissing bandit she loves to kiss everyone.. I need to work on that:) She is a complete joy..

The boys are getting excited about Telluride.. I am excited to get out of this heat! I am ready for some slow pace lifestyle and just relaxing with my family... Lately I have gotten pretty sentimental about things, mostly about the kids and how I only have them for 18 years before they go on their own! Jacob is already 1/3 there. oh tears in my eyes.. I love them so much, even when Josh calls his friend poopy head (we are working on that).

Oh what a blessing I have been given by being their mom. I just hope and pray that they look back and remember these moments and love them as much as I have..