Sunday, May 6, 2012

Joseph's 1st birthday

One year ago sweet Joseph you were born. What a year it has been ..You are the sweetest little boy and I can not imagine my life without you. You have taught me to be a better mother and to cherish every moment with you and your brothers and sister. Jacob adores you he will wake up in the mornings and find you and I always hear him say.."how is my little buddy this morning." Joshua loves to help you to learn knew things, he will sit and read to you and show you pictures and help you point to each of them.. he prays for you every night for God to heal your chromosomes.. His love for the Lord is contagious.. Ella calls you her JOJO and she means business.. Its so cute she will share her blanket with you when we are driving in the car. She loves you!!! Your Dad is amazing Joseph, he is the rock in our family, each night I see him kneel by your bed and pray for you. Joseph we are blessed that you are our son and I do not know what is up ahead on this journey and I can not promise it will be easy, but it is OUR journery together and you will never be alone. I love you to the moon and back:) Love, Mom