Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enjoying life

We are really still here.. This 1st trimester of pregnancy nearly put me over the edge.. I was one sick Momma:) Now I am starting to get my life together.. Feeling back to normal and so happy to be back in the game again.

The boys are loving school, Jacob just amazes me with how he retains things at school. He is definitely his daddies boy with that one.. Joshua is just loving his school, he loves his friends and has wonderful teachers.. Ella is growing up so quickly I can tell she is ready to be in a little 2 day program next year. Every time we go to pick up Joshua she runs to his class and says hello to everyone and sits down to play.

As far as the baby goes I am almost 18 weeks and everything is going well. The doctor knows the sex of the baby but we decided to not find out this time. Since this will be our last baby we thought it would be a fun surprise. I have to admit I am excited to find out. Just praying for a healthy perfect baby.

I have to admit I feel very blessed that God has trusted me with 3 almost 4 children. Its a hard job but its by far been my favorite:)

Love you my May Munchkins..