Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Joseph

Well this post is definately overdue.. umm about 7 months to be exact...

Joseph I love you with all my heart. The time you were in the NICU was probably the hardest, yet most peaceful time in my life. I was so scared yet had this overwhelming peace that God was going to take care of you and no matter what would be there with us. When we finally got the diagnosis of Prader Willi my heart broke, but the overwhelming peace was still there.

I had doctors tell me one thing about the syndrome but a voice inside me was telling me they were going to be blown away at our little boy:) Mr Joseph, you are blowing their socks off, God has used you to open so many people's eyes. God totally opened an amazing door for us regarding a doctor in Florida who tells us the opposite of what the original doctors told us. She knows you are special and wonderful just like we do. You are a true amazing gift to us and I will move mountains for you to make sure that nobody tells you you won't do something. Thats mans eye not Gods.

I do not know what the future holds and I know this road may be hard at times, but you will never ever be on it alone. Your dad and I love you so much, Jacob, Joshua and Ella adore you. God has big plans for you!

We Love you Joseph Dominic

Love Mom xxoo

Meaning of Joseph "God will Increase"

Meaning of Dominic "Belonging to God"