Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wait where did 2012 Go!

Wow what a year 2012 has been! Its so hard for me to wrap my mind around its 2013. Its been so long since I have updated my blog, but I am going to try and be better this year.  
I Hope:)

Joseph is doing amazing, we saw Dr Miller in September and he got rave reviews. He amazes me everyday. He is talking and trying to walk, but we have a long way to go. I can not even begin to describe the love I have for this little guy. I truly have no words.

Jacob is becoming a little man. Joseph and him have a special bond. I see it in their eyes when they hang out together. I love to sit back and watch these 2 and the love they have as brothers and friends.

Joshua well he is still my stinker but I am so proud of him. I watch him with his friends and new people he meets and I will hear him say "DO you have Jesus in your Heart" then he proceeds to tell them how you can have Jesus in your heart like he does. I know God is going to use this little boy to do great things!

Ella Bella well what can I say she is a true princess. Wow she keeps me on my toes. I love this little girl so much. Its so fun to have a little girl to do girly things with!

As we closed 2012 and I looked back on things, I thanked God for my amazing family. It also made be realize that ever since Joseph was born I have truly had a reality check on whats important. Him being diagnosed with Prader Willi rocked my world and my heart like never before. It also made me realize I am stronger then I ever thought I would and could be. I have made some amazing friends through this journey, with doctors, nurses, therapist, and some amazing moms! This community of Prader Willi parents is nothing I have ever seen. From the moment Joseph was diagnosed I was rallied around by other moms who were on this journey with me. There are so many of these Moms I have never met, but we call, text, facebook and we have a special bond. 
These Prader Willi Moms are part of my new family. A family I did not choose to be in, but one I am blessed to be a part of..

Angela XXOO